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Terence Rattigan’s Films

Taken from Michael Darlow’s biography, ‘Terence Rattigan, The man and His Work’

Early in his career Rattigan contributed to numerous screenplays, uncredited.  The following are the principal films he scripted once he became well known:

French Without Tears, 1939

Director:  Anthony Asquith

Quiet Wedding (with Anatole de Grunwald), 1940

Director:  Anthony Asquith

The Day Will Dawn (US:  The Avengers) with Anatole de Grunwald and Patrick Kirwan), 1942

Director:  Harold French

Uncensored (with Wolfgang Wilhelm and Rodney Ackland), 1942.

Director:  Anthony Asquith

English Without Tears (US:  Her Man Gilbey) with Anatole de Grunwald, 1944

Director:  Anthony Asquith

Journey Together, 1945

Director:  John Boulting

The Way to the Stars (US:  Johnny in the Clouds) with Anatole de Grunwald, 1945.

Director:  Anthony Asquith

Brighton Rock (with Graham Greene), 1947

Director:  John Boulting

While the Sun Shines (with Anatole de Grunwald), 1947

Director:  Anthony Asquith

Bond Street (with Anatole de Grunwald and Rodney Ackland), 1948

Director:  Gordon Parry

The Winslow Boy (with Anatole de Grunwald) 1948.

Director:  Anthony Asquith

The Browning Version, 1951.  Winner of the Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Screenplay.

Director:  Anthony Asquith

The Sound Barrier (US:  Breaking the Sound Barrier), 1952

Director:  David Lean

The Final Test, 1953

Director:  Anthony Asquith

The Man Who Loved Redheads, 1954.

Director:  Harold French

The Deep Blue Sea, 1955.

Director:  Anatole Litvak

The Prince and the Showgirl, 1957

Director:  Laurence Olivier

Separate Tables (with John Gay), 1958

Director:  Delbert Mann

The VIPs, 1963

Director:  Anthony Asquith

The Yellow Rolls-Royce, 1964

Director:  Anthony Asquith

Goodbye, Mr Chips, 1969

Director:  Herbert Ross

Bequest to the Nation, 1973

Director:  James Cellan-Jones

Terence Rattigan’s original television scripts

Taken from Michael Darlow’s biography, ‘Terence Rattigan, The man and His Work’

The Final Test

First transmission BBC, 29thJuly 1951

Director:  Royston Morley

Heart to Heart

First transmission BBC, 6thDec. 1962

Director:  Alvin Rakoff

Ninety Years On

First transmission BBC, 29thNov. 1964

Producer:  Michael Mills

Nelson – A Portrait in Miniature

First transmission ATV, 21stMarch 1966.

Director:  Stuart Burge

All on Her Own

First transmission BBC 2, 25th September, 1968

Director:  Hal Burton

High Summer (adapted from earlier, unperformed stage play)

First transmission, Thames Television, 1972

Director:  Peter Duguid.

Terence Rattigan’s Radio Script

Cause  Celebre, first broadcast, BBC Radio 4, 27th October 1975.  Producer:  Norman Wright.

Principal Unperformed Works

Texts held in The Rattigan Papers at The British Library


Integer Vitae (The Pure in Heart) 1927

Black Forest, 1935

Two Dozen Roses, adapted from a play by Aldo Benetii, 1939

La Valet Maitre, adapted from a play by Paul Armont and Leopold Marchand, 1939

Like Father, 1960

Pas de Deux, 1968


O Mistress Mine adapted from Love In Idleness, 1949

Crime Wave, 1946

World Premiere, 1947

Burke and Wills, 1969


Nijinsky, 1974.

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